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Build Your Own Website: Intro to HTML & CSS

300 Spectrum Center Dr, Suite 1160
Irvine, CA




This two-part Intro to HTML/CSS course runs on Saturday, August 18th and Saturday, August 25th from 9am to 2pm. Each day includes a 30-minute lunch break. Lunch will be provided by Sabio!

Want to learn how to build your own website? Already have your own site and want to have more control over it? Interested in learning to program but want to start small? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this course is for you!

This beginner course will guide you through the basics of HTML and CSS. By the end of the class, you will have developed a first version of your own website.

Class 1: Saturday, August 18, 9am-2pm

Introduction to HTML. What is it? Why does it matter? We’ll step through the basic history of HTML, including how it interacts with the browser and why that matters. Then we’ll discuss the layout of an HTML page, including html, body, head and nesting. Finally, we’ll go through many of the basic HTML elements. You’ll begin to make a personal portfolio page with HTML elements.

Introduction to CSS. Colors? Styles? What? It’s all true. We’ll go through most of the CSS styles, including font changes, layout, size, and color. You will show how to connect them to HTML selectors to bring color and style to your portfolio page.

Class 2: Saturday, August 25, 9am-2pm

Digging deeper into HTML and how it work with CSS. We’ll learn about some more HTML elements and learn how to include id and class selectors in our CSS. You’ll start customizing your portfolio with all sorts of goodies and personal style.

Box model? Floats? Columns? What is this sorcery? Now that you’ve got the basics of CSS and HTML down, we’ll take it to the next level and get you started down the path of being a pro. You’ll add columns, footers and headers to your portfolio page.


This is a great first coding class. There are NO prerequisites, so come one, come all! Get your feet wet with a little code.

What to Bring

Please bring a laptop and charger to class. Power outlets and wifi will be provided. You may also wish to bring a notepad and pen/pencil for taking notes.

We’ll be using a modern web browser and a text editor in class. If you don’t already have these installed, please install them before you come to class.

For web browsers, we recommend Mozilla Firefox (http://firefox.com/) or Google Chrome (http://google.com/chrome). For a text editor, we recommend Sublime Text 2 (http://www.sublimetext.com/2). Note that you do not have to purchase Sublime Text 2. If you download the free evaluation version that will be good enough for class.

No Refunds

If you can no longer attend the class you signed up and paid for, your payment will be donated to the local chapter scholarship fund. You can help another woman in need!


We’re here to help! If you have any questions or anything you’d like to discuss before signing up for the class, please contact us at orangecounty[at]girldevelopit[dot]com.


All GDIOC classes, workshops, and events permit individuals over the age of 18 only. We cannot make exceptions at this time.

As always, anyone is welcome to attend our classes and events – we are women-inclusive, not women-exclusive. All attendees are expected to abide by our Girl Develop It Code of Conduct (https://www.girldevelopit.com/code-of-conduct).

Microsoft Azure AppDev HACKFEST: Irvine

Microsoft Technology Center
3 Park Plaza Suite 1600
Irvine, CA 92614




8/21/2018, 9am – 8/22/18, 4pm

Join Tallan’s Vice President of Cloud Technologies, Dan Fluet, for this Azure AppDev Hackfest hosted at the Microsoft Technology Center in Irvine, CA!

This two-day training and Hackfest is meant for IT professionals, developers and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge, skills, and confidence in the AppDev space. We’ll offer FOUR challenges to choose from, and divide you into teams of two or three (if you are coming with your colleagues, we’ll ensure you are together) to compete.

These challenges are intentionally open-ended, the goal for this event is increased Azure awareness and education, creativity and teamwork, and to allow our guests the chance to learn and develop using the technology most relevant to them.

Challenge Options:

  1. PaaS Challenge – Build a PaaS solution on Azure.
  2. IaaS Challenge – Build a compliant architecture in order to gain experience provisioning VMs, creating virtual networks and subnets, creating NSG, etc. Extra points for scripting and automation!
  3. Cognitive Services Challenge – Try Cognitive Services on Azure, we’ve found this choice to be very popular among HackFest teams!
  4. Data Challenge – This could be any Data Service in Azure! For example, HDInsight, SQL Database, Cosmos DB, Power BI, Azure SQL Data warehouse, etc.

We’ll provide everything you need (INCLUDING BREAKFAST AND LUNCH) to get you started. We’re talking educational content, hands-on training, and expert support while hacking away.

Did we mention what we’ll be “grading” you on? Judgement criteria are as follows:

  • A large number of Azure services in use
  • Automation/scripting built into their final solution
  • A solid final presentation showing tasks that were accomplished

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and grow with Tallan!

Registrations from competitive organizations will be declined. Please provide a business card at check-in to be granted access.

Agile Open Southern California 2018

UCI Extended Education
University of California-Irvine
510 E Peltason Dr
Irvine, CA 92697




What is Agile Open California?
Agile Open California is a coalition of agile practitioners and advocates intent on providing an opportunity for learning, networking and growth to the Agile community in California and others who are interested.

How Does it Work?
Using the Open Space Technology framework, we hold gatherings where sessions are self-organized around topics important to the participants. We invite you to take this opportunity to share your experiences, test new ideas and learn what other practitioners are thinking and doing!

This is the place to learn and contribute. At Agile Open Southern California you can attend sessions hosted by seasoned professionals, or host a session of your own. Here’s an opportunity to share your favorite topic with others. Or if you have a topic you don’t know much about, and would like to hear from people who do, you can convene a session and learn about your topic from the available expertise.

Visit our website for more information: agileopencalifornia.com/southern_ca.html

CXO Excellence – Women Leading The Digitial Transformation

6455 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, California 92618


Come hear from local CIO experts discussing digital transformation and the challenges and successes

Schedule of Events

5:30 to 6:00 Registration
6:00 to 6:15 Introductions
6:15 to 7:30 Panel Discussion
7:30 to 8:00 Raffles and Adjourn

Meeting Notes

Appetizers and beverages are provided. If you or your company wish to host or sponsor an event, please ask one of the leadership team members located on the WITI.com Orange County home page.

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