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I’m Debbie, a technical recruiter with ostechnical. Here’s three virtual job search tips and techniques you could do right from home. Beginning now, number one is stay positive. If you’re a recent graduate looking for an internship, recently graduated ready to begin your career. Or even if you have been in a position for 20 years and you recently have been furloughed or your job has been eliminated, don’t give up. Continue to search. Even in today’s economy, some people think. Why even try? There’s no one hiring. That many industries are creating new positions. Many companies are still hiring. Alot of new technology positions launching in technology throughout multiple industries across the globe. For example, crm software engineers and developers are in high demand for technical talent to design and maintain and support clients and end users and employees to allow them to work from home. So number one is stay positive and don’t give up. You have to try. Number two is now is the time to reevaluate your long term career goals. Ask yourself, do you want to stay in the position you’re currently in? Do you like your profession? Do you like your industry? Are you enjoying it? Are you happy? If it’s no? Is there an industry of position you’ve always wanted to try and never had the courage? Are you good at a hobby or interest you can turn into a career. If you enjoy doing what you’re doing, you’ll be successful. Update your skills. For those in college or individuals that have been in a career for 20 years, update your skills. You may want to consider a certification or a new profession. So now is the time to actually take the time to maybe take that course you’ve always wanted to learn. Take a photography course in marketing, digital social, media and technology. There’s actually a talent scarcity for ai, cybersecurity, mobile application developers and also crm software. These are just a glimpse of technology positions hiring at a tremendous pace in today’s current economy despite covid. So number one is a state positive. Number two is reevaluate your long term goals. Once you’ve re evaluated your goals, create a list of companies and positions you’re interested in. Now, today, once you refresh that list, now, you can begin to brand yourself. Number three is update your online professional profiles. Create a profile that conveys your professional experience and interests relevant to your job. Search today. Linkedin – if you don’t have an account, i’d highly recommend you get the basic linked in for free. It’s free to everyone. It’s used widely by recruiters of all industries and experience. Almost every hiring manager will review your linkedin profile. If you’re a recent graduate or someone that has 20 years experience and you’re in transition looking for positions, it has a great feature that allows you to alert recruiters that you’re looking for work. Just go to settings and linkedin and then click enable open to job opportunities. Be sure to refresh all of your online websites and profiles or get accounts that you may have online already. Be sure that your portfolio samples are up to date. Once you’ve refreshed your career goals, updated your online profiles. Now you can begin to update, edit your resume, network online and apply to positions. Join me next week for further virtual job search tips and techniques in those areas. We’ll see you then

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