Audio translation of video:

Hi, Jeanie here at ostechnical with a weekly update for you with the it job market and covid. So this week has been a very interesting week. On one hand, we did have another company that did have a substantial lay off, which was a bit discouraging. But that was also coupled with a new plan of action, new cio and deciding to do some outsourcing. On the other hand, we’ve seen a bit of an uptick. We’re getting some more contract to hire roles as well as some direct hire and even some projects picking up with just a straight up need for contractors. So that’s been exciting. We’re not there yet. But, hey, any uptick, i’ll take, in regards to remote coming on site what that looks like. We’re still seeing the majority of all the companies still remote. They do have a handful of people. Essential workers are just some core employees coming on site. But for the most part, everybody is remote, and we’re not sure when people will be coming back. Some of the traditional companies, they’re talking about bringing people back 100%. When everything is said and done, I do know there’s a bit of pushback from employees there. People know that they’ve proven themselves remote, would like to be able to do a combo. Other companies, they’re still talking about staying remote, so it’ll be very interesting to see you know, what happens with all of that when the dust settles. Market is still tight in regards to finding really good talent in regards to your day to day employees, whether it’s developers or on the infra side. It’s not really true that because of covid, there’s tons of great people out there looking for work. We get lucky now and again, but definitely good talent is hard to find.


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