Audio translation of video:

My name’s Megan with ostechnical, and today i’m here to provide some tips for you in the event that you are filtering and screening, or scanning through resumes that have responded to an external job post. So generally you may work with someone from a hr talent acquisition to help in this process, or you partner with an agency like ours to take this off your plate. But in the event that you have posted a job externally and often times, you have, a great response but sometimes candidates who are not necessarily representative of the talent that you’re looking for.

I have some tips that will help you go through a filter through those resumes and screen, uh, scan them to know who was all side and who’s not.

So the first tip is to use the cnt+f or find, cnt+find search feature in word or pdf. This is a great way to search for specific tools or technologies that are hard requirements for your position. So, for instance, if it’s an it support role, and it’s, imperative that this person has experience with active directory and the ticketing system service. Now if you brought a quick search with cnt+find with those keywords you can assess whether they have the tools or skill sets in their background that you’re looking for now. One caveat today says it only works with, hard skills versus, soft skills.

And also there’s varing, ways to represent different tools, so sometimes they could be abbreviated. Just kind of keep keep that in mind. But as a general rule of thumb, it’s a good way to weed out people that don’t have the experience that you’re looking for in terms of tools and technologies.

The second tip that I would give is to look at the descriptions underneath each job or underneath each role on the resume. So, don’t so much pay attention to title because title can vary, just depending on the organization and often times it may not be transferrable, but look what they’re actually doing so if you, review that and find similarities between what they’ve done in previous roles and what they would be doing in this role, and you can find that their synergy there, that’s always a good indication that they might be a good fit for further review.


**Note: translation may not be 100% accurate**