Audio transcription may not be 100% accurate: Hello, Jeanie with OSTechnical here with some tips on your job search. If you’re currently working, you don’t have very much time obviously to do that job search. If you’re in between jobs, it still could take a lot of time and energy. So step one would be… Make sure you really know yourself. Make sure you know what’s important to you, what you’re looking for, maybe even having some ideas of some companies that you’re targeting. But most important, make sure you know what’s important to you. Is it the technologies you’re touching? Is it a company close to home? What kind of career path really want? Do your own soul searching and find out what’s important to you. Second of all, most people will ask you behavioral questions such as tell me a time when you were successful. So think back to everything you’ve done in your prior jobs, where you have maybe had a great success story to tell. Where you turned something around or you had a great idea with a great outcome. And really think about that and know it. So when someone asks you that question, you’re ready to go. Second of all, think about a failure. Somebody might ask you tell us about a failure. So think about those things. A difficult situation that you had to handle with people or, you know, maybe a failure of something you had to put together and make sure that you know that answer. So when the time comes, you’re just ready to go, and you can say it. Thirdly, elevator pitch. If somebody says, hey, tell me about yourself. Make sure that you really think of who you are. What’s important to you? What message you want to convey when someone says, tell me about yourself. You know what it is that you want to tell them and make sure you’re ready to go. Three little pointers that could help you in your job search. Thanks. Bye bye now.