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Today I want to talk about five key words or phrases to avoid, and alternates to consider.

One of the biggest things any hiring manager or recruiter, what they’re looking for in a resume are more of things that you speak to that are on the accomplishment or, a good candidate story in that resume.

Here’s number one: Results oriented, Talk about delivering business results and use this as your starting point to discuss your successes.

Number two: Highly motivated, strong work ethic, try replacing either one of these generic statements with, something that’s more action related. Emphasis, like fast learner or driven to action.

Talk about more what you’re like in the office on a day to day basis.

Three: Consider a phrase like demonstrated success. Tell the recruiter or the hiring manager about what you’ve achieved in your career to date.

Four: Team player. A good substitute for this phrase would be simply, adaptable. Or, to put more spice, able to adapt in an ever changing situation or environment.

Number five: A real problem solver. Well, what kind of problems can you or did you solve? Remember, you’re providing yourself on a 1 to 2 pages of paper.

Don’t waste this space with vague statements. A replacement for problem solver, try demonstrated ability to identify and troubleshoot critical issues.

Once again, you’re opening up a door to talk about more about your accomplishments.

These are just a few examples of words or phrases that a good candidate will work to avoid in their resume.