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Delta outage proves airline industry technology obsolete

In this fantastic article on ZDNet, Larry Dignan discusses the most recent technology outage that has affected the airline industry, the Delta outage that started on Sunday. Affecting an incredible over 800 flights […]

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Pokémon™ Go in the workplace – it’s got to go??

It launched two weeks ago, and what a phenomenon it is. Yes, Pokémon™ Go has taken over the world. Or at least it’s starting to, as it has finally launched in Japan today. […]

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Best Practices for recruiters: Part 3 – Innovate!

This is part three of our series. Here is part one and part two. Ok, so after putting up great content, you’ve updated your search strings and saved searches using some of the […]

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Best practices for recruiters: Part 2 – improve your search

If you missed part 1 of our four-part series, click here to catch up. So you and your fellow recruiters have now put together some fantastic content within your job descriptions, after reading […]

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Best practices for recruiters: Part 1 – Better content

This post is part one of a four-part series that OSTechnical is publishing for recruiters. At OSTechnical, we have a fantastic team of technical recruiters who are consistently striving to find candidates who […]

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Tips to write a job posting to find the perfect candidate

Recruiters and Account Managers everywhere know where to find the right resources for “how to write a job posting.” There are blog posts (hah), websites, YouTube video tutorials, samples, you name it. But […]

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