Transcription of audio: (may not be 100% accurate)

Typically, when I do these videos, I talk about what’s going on in the it job market, whether it’s relating to the talent pool or remote or etc. But today I decided to talk about something different, as most of us are still remote. I’m finding some of us till the end of the year, some of us forever. Some of us, we just don’t know, you know. With that, I think it’s really important that we remember to take care of ourselves. You know, some of us are lucky enough to have a designated workplace. Other people are not so lucky. And what can happen there is, you know, the lines blend between work and home life. And now we should have some extra time being that we’re not on the road doing the commute, and maybe we should utilize that time to best help us. I think that for me, it’s really easy to want to turn on my computer and just start working right away and actually work more than you know. Obviously when we were commuting, but what i’m trying to do now is you know, i’m sitting in this bedroom here in front of a laptop and keep my mind sharp and not feel so claustrophobic. And to do that I have this giant alaskan husky that on a good day, i’ll get up early in the morning and do a big, long walk so that my body is ready to sit down in front of this computer and i’m awake and i’m alert and I have fresh air and blood pumping through my body. And then again, I do it again after work. If I don’t do that, what I find is that I come and I just sit right on the computer and I feel sluggish and I don’t feel good and i’m pushing myself through the day, but not really taking care of myself. So today I decided that, hey, for any of you that might be in the same boat, we do have to remember to take care of ourselves physically, you know, emotionally, spiritually, whatever it is that helps us be sharp. And also find those lines, you know, between work and home, so that we can actually keep moving forward and keep producing. So with that, I hope it helps anybody, and in the meantime have a wonderful