Should I upgrade to Salesforce Lightening Experience?

Audio transcription may not be 100% accurate: Hi, it’s Angelo with os technical, and I’d like to tell you about a project that we started about a week and a half ago. Six […]

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Classic Car of IT, DEC PDP-11 Systems Administrator

Transcription of audio: (may not be 100% accurate) I’d like to share a story about a job requirement that our firm received about a year ago, and what I find makes this job […]

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Blending the Line Between Work & Home Life, Working Remote

Transcription of audio: (may not be 100% accurate) Typically, when I do these videos, I talk about what’s going on in the it job market, whether it’s relating to the talent pool or […]

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Tips for Screening Large Numbers of IT Candidates

  Audio translation of video: My name’s Megan with ostechnical, and today i’m here to provide some tips for you in the event that you are filtering and screening, or scanning through resumes […]

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Don’t Fail at Recruiting, Track This Metric

Audio translation from video: Steve Shwam here with ostechnical. Today I wanted to share a video of a study that I found to be pretty fascinating of a 50% failure rate for new […]

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Keep Your Remote IT Workforce Engaged

Audio translation of video:  Hi this Kayla from ostechnical, and I’m going to go over some tips on how to manage your team remote. So I would say the first thing is to […]

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80s CRT