AI Powered Tools Make Guessing Passwords Easy

AI Powered Tools Make Guessing Passwords Easy By Benjamin Roussey Internet users have always been told to use complicated passwords to make it harder for hackers to breach their security. Now, data scientists […]

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An Introduction to the Microsoft Bot Framework-By Michael Washington

Michael Washington is an ASP.NET, C#, and Visual Basic programmer. He has extensive knowledge in process improvement, billing systems, and student information systems. He is a Microsoft MVP. He has a son, Zachary […]

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Five Key Ingredients to Successful Project Management

Five Key Ingredients to Successful Project Management Author: Bob Bonkowski  Bob Bonkowski is a Program/Project Management professional who has spent his entire career working on projects. He began as a Software Developer, then Requirements […]

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Exploring DevOps and Continuous Integration from a Developer, CI, DevOps Connoisseur’s Perspective

Author: Kaylee Mae Tucker (OST Account Manager) I often find myself trying hard to understand Client A’s definition of DevOps versus the definition I heard from Client B the day prior. As is […]

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Our Five “Must Read” Software Developer Blogs

We’ve all heard the adage “you are what you read.” It makes a lot of sense, after all, you read what interests you, right? So as a software developer, what do you read? […]

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Delta outage proves airline industry technology obsolete

In this fantastic article on ZDNet, Larry Dignan discusses the most recent technology outage that has affected the airline industry, the Delta outage that started on Sunday. Affecting an incredible over 800 flights […]

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