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As you know, video interviews or a lot more common these days. Here are six video interview tips. Tip number one. Test your technologies whether it’s a new platform that you’ve never used before or if it’s a platform that you’ve tested out and used in the past, it would still be very helpful to test the technology that you’ll be using to do the video interview. You contest this with a recruiter or a friend and make sure that you are ready for your video interview.

Tip number two is show up early, as you would for an in person interview. It’s still very important to show up early and use that time to set up everything nicely and make sure you close out all the tabs that you would not be using and meeting for the interview.

And if there’s a portfolio or if there’s anything that you’ll be sharing through the share screen option for the video interview, make sure you have that ready.

Tip number three. Prepare for proper eye contact. It’s very important that you connect with the interviewer and instead of looking at your own picture, are looking in the camera and you’re having proper eye contact.

Tip number four. Choose a proper background for your video interview, either a blank wall or a background that is not too distracting with not a lot of clutter, so you can totally focus on your video interview.

Tip number five dressed impress. Just because this is a video interview, it doesn’t mean that we can’t dress up. We should still treat it like an in person interview and dress professionally.

Tip number six. Being mindful of letting the other person finish their speech can be very, very helpful for the video interview. A lot of the times when we speak automatically, we are cutting off the other person’s mic, and that can be very distracting and you can miss very important information.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Let us know what other tips you’ve used for your video interviews to be successful. Thank you for watching