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lean coffee to talk Agile/Scrum/etc.

Residence Inn by Marriott Tustin Orange County
15181 Newport Avenue
Tustin, CA


  • Inside the lobby, there is a classroom to the left side of the front registration desk.
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Tustin Orange County

Evolutionary Tales of an API

1691 Kettering
Irvine, CA



This month, Earl Nolan will be presenting on the challenges of API design. Many of you know Earl from the LAJUG and DevTalk LA (where we studied REST), and I’m sure this will be a very illuminating talk.


6:30 Networking
7:00 Presentation begins
8:30 JetBrains product raffle, then off-site networking

Immediately after the meeting we will head to El Torito Grill(map) for dinner, drinks, and more networking and discussion.

See you there!


How do you build an API that isn’t obsolete as soon as it goes live? This Lessons from the Field talk will take you on our 8 year journey culminating with the current rollout of api.nfl.com.

From previous generations of the API yields API Design Principles, hints on how to be pragmatic, various technologies tried and technologies currently is use.


Earl Nolan is a Senior Software Engineer with the National Football League. He has over 30 years experience in angsting over APIs. His interests include concurrency, domain driven design, Agile methodologies and anything that involves building more robust code. He spoke at JavaOne 2010 on Enterprise Service Bus and at JavaOne 2011 on Practical Performance.

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