“Is the hybrid or fully remote workforce here to stay in 2021 and beyond?”

Date: Thursday, May 20th, 2021

Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PST

Topic: With the rise of vaccinations and California’s reduction in stay at home restrictions, we’d like to host a candid conversation with IT leaders about the remote and hybrid workforce in 2021.

Questions we’ll be asking will focus on management, technology, performance, health, the war for talent and morale.

  • The hybrid model has become increasingly popular after Covid. How are your organizations implementing and managing work from home, hybrid, or back to office?
  • What technology solutions, controls, processes have been implemented or are under consideration to support the new way of working?
  • How has performance management changed? Have new solutions been discovered to obtain optimal performance with a hybrid or remote workforce?
  • For those back to the office, what efforts have been added to make workers feel safe and to minimize virus spreading?
  • Is remote work being used as a benefit in recruiting and are IT workers leaving their existing jobs for fully remote opportunities?
  • How has morale changed with remote work and what are leaders doing to encourage team building?

Discussion: We’ve invited IT leaders from different organizations who are leading fully remote, hybrid and fully onsite teams to discuss the reasons behind their current workforce structure and to share solutions.

Format: This will be a moderated discussion with an open Q and A session.

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