We’re smack in the middle of season six of Game of Thrones, the super-hyped fantasy drama action amazing show that HBO likes to tantalize viewers with for 10 weeks and then leave us hanging.

With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to put together a quick blog post for our readers that combines two of the OSTechnical teams favorite things: Recruiting and Game of Thrones. (Nerd alert, we know)

When it comes to job-hunting, candidates can often be hyper-focused on finding their perfect job. So often little things like furthering skill sets and education, interviewing skills, and keeping their resume updated, can get lost. So, here are four sets of Game of Thrones’ houses and the words they live by, that candidates can and should be putting to use daily.

Well, we’ve lost a lot of the Starks up to this season. But the words of their house have carried throughout the realms of GoT. This phrase is now more than a weather prediction, it is a constant reminder to everyone that life is never going to be 100% perfect all the time.

For candidates, we often see that a “winter or summer” scenario when it comes to new career opportunities. It’s a good to remind candidates that while they may not be actively looking for a new job, that they should keep their eyes open. You never know how quickly winter can come and things can change.

Just ask the House Stark how that’s worked out for them.

And roar, they do. They also always pay their debts (see: The Red Wedding).

A conniving family who will stop at nothing to seize more power and solidify their hold on the Seven Kingdoms, candidates can learn from them. While roaring over the phone or in an interview is typically frowned upon, candidates should remember to bring their strength to the interview table, no matter what.

Remember that you’re selling your personal brand whether meeting with a recruiter or a hiring manager. No one wants to work with someone who is afraid to speak up!

Similar to the “Winter is Coming” words of House Stark, the words that members of the House Tyrell live by are indicative of adaptability.

Candidates that don’t learn to adapt, or rather grow, their skill set to indicate that they are continually striving to better themselves and add more to their knowledgebase for career advancement are usually going to be stuck in the mire. It’s vital that everyone – whether recruiter, candidate or even a hiring manager – stay relevant. Making every effort to grow strong will give a candidate a significant edge in the hiring process.

Led by teenager-slash-queen-slash-mother of dragons Daenerys, who’s coming back in a big way this season, the House Targaryen has never been afraid to show either her soft side (freeing slaves and an entire city) or her hard side (you know… dragons and all that). For candidates, showing true determination when faced with rejections, taking their unique skills to a career opportunity that they might not have previously considered, can often lead to incredible successes. Taking risks, being unafraid to jump (or you know, sic a dragon on someone), can often lead to an even greater opportunity than one that has been missed.


What do you think the words for House Candidates sigil should be? Let us know in the comments below!

Images Courtesy:  HBO, Game of Thrones