Audio transcription may not be 100% accurate: Hi there. I’m justine cuneo with ostechnical. And as I was getting ready for work this morning, I was thinking about gratitude and the power of the word thank you. And whether or not you’re thanking someone for something they’ve done or said, whether they’ve met you in their office to hear about your services or interviewed you for a job. A thank you after is extremely powerful and you can email or you can text. But we receive thousands of emails every week, and a lot of those get deleted and are sometimes meaningless. But studies show that good old fashioned pen to paper is the best way to make an impact. Hand written letters require a person to get paper, to think about a person that you are sending a thank you to, and thinking about what you’re going to say to that person. Then it requires you to put your pen to paper and write those thoughts down and then send a letter. When a hand written letter is received, most people are extremely impressed and grateful, and those hand written letters are usually read and reread and often times kept. So this morning as I was getting ready, I was thinking about the powerful words we can put on paper and the biggest impact we can have in somebody’s life. So I encourage you to use the hand written letter as a source of getting in touch with someone, telling them thank you. Especially in these covid times. Hope you have a great day. Bye bye.