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Hello all, Steve Shwam here with OSTechnical today I wanted to share kind of an interesting thought, last night i’m watching this Netflix documentary called “my octopus teacher. “

It’s about this South African guy who goes into this kelp paddy and visits this octopus every single day, first for a month to build the trust of this octopus, every single day, and then once that first month is over, the octopus sees he’s there. He’s actually no threat to me at all.

And he actually is. And they share this beautiful friendship in this beautiful relationship after that first month of trust being built between him and the octopus.

It was interesting to me because it reminds me so much of what we do here at OSTechnical. You know, my job, on a daily basis initially is trying to build trust and letting these people know that we’re approaching.

I’m not just your typical sales guy. I initially want to build trust with you, I wanna have a trusting relationship, so then we can actually in the future, work together.

And it was so literally mirrored. What I do it was interesting because i’ve been here for 12 years and I have noticed that, at first it’s usually a struggle.

You know, people don’t want to hear from you, people kind of are apprehensive to even talk to you. But once the door opens, a little bit and the trust is built, then we could actually start working together and build, start providing solutions to some of these companies, whether it’s a contractor for a certain project, or even a life solution at times.

So I thought I would share that, because if you haven’t seen it, go see it, “my octopus teacher. ” it’s phenomenal. And while you watch it, think of Steve Shwam on what he does atOSTechnical.

And the rest of us here, too. Thanks so much.