It stands to reason that when times are good, a candidate is going to use whatever leverage they have in negotiating to push their salary as high as the hiring manager is willing to go. Especially in the technology space, where valuable candidates are few and far between.

Companies love to sweeten the pot, throwing in perks like 401k matching, working remotely, flex time, extra PTO, and more, not to mention the possibility of a signing bonus.

While these offers are great, a majority of businesses are only going to go so far to woo a prospect. They have a very clear picture of what their ceiling is, and playing games and upping the stakes can only hurt you as a candidate. Hiring managers don’t want to be made to feel like they’re being played by a prospective candidate, it’s a huge red flag and will usually lead to them taking a pass on that person.

Keep this in mind when you step into the ring, or rather the office. While you want to have a strong negotiation strategy, you need to be smarter about what you’re willing to adjust and adapt to, in order to land that dream job.

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