It launched two weeks ago, and what a phenomenon it is. Yes, Pokémon™ Go has taken over the world. Or at least it’s starting to, as it has finally launched in Japan today. With the augmented reality game set to destroy any discernable records for usage and profits in the gaming world as it steadily reaches more and more countries, one of the largest groups representing IT Professionals says that Pokémon™ Go has to, well… Go.

Per, the International Association of Information Technology Managers (IAITAM) advised corporations, and indeed all businesses nationwide, to ban the use of the app on “corporate-owned, business-only phones/tablets and ‘bring your own device’ phones/tablets with direct access to sensitive corporate information and accounts.”

Why this strongly worded advisory letter? Well, to put it plainly, the concerns regarding keeping secure information secure. There are concerns among multiple parties about the possibility of data breaches or applications that are created as knock-off versions of the game but are designed to compromise the security of a company and steal data and secured information.

This doesn’t even address the distraction to employees that businesses are now facing. The concept of “time theft” is archaic, in this world where we are constantly connected to our work email via smartphones, and accessible even when on vacation. But, there’s something to be said when you watch a co-worker walk outside when they’re supposed to be helping you prep for a meeting, in the name of capturing a Charmander.

Businesses have a strategic decision to make. Banning the game as a whole will likely do nothing to stop your employees from playing during business hours, it will just make them sneak in time. From a business perspective, if your productivity isn’t dropping, then don’t make any waves. But if you notice your employees’ numbers dropping, it might be good to schedule a meeting to address the Pokémon in the room.

Have you noticed any changes in your workplace, or in your companies’ IT security given the incredible success of Pokémon Go? Let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Nicescene / and Pokemongo.Com