Audio transcription may not be 100% accurate: Welcome to Nidhi’s desk yes, that’s right. The new norm. This is my new office, my new desk I’ve been working from home since March. And I’m sure a lot off you out there are facing the same challenges. I thought what would be a better topic to talk about other than how you can work from home effectively be productive. So I’ll share some quick tips on how to work from home and be happy, have fun and still be productive. The number one tip I would share with you would be to have a routine. So, like, as you used to go to work every day get up, get ready, get dressed, and drive to work instead of driving to work. Now you have the extra time so you can do a few things you always wondered while driving and like, yeah, I had the time I would go for a morning walk. Or if I had some time in the morning, I would do a quick meditation, so I would suggest you can use the new time and the era for that. So have a routine, um, still get up at a particular time, be ready. And the extra drive time you have at home. Use it to do something you love to do, that would give you a fresh start every day. The second tip I have for you is to have a designated workspace. Don’t be lazy. Sit on a couch one day, roll in the bed. The other I would definitely suggest. Have a space set up for you, where you have your laptop, your screen, your phone. And when you sit there, you know you’re working, and that’s going to give you the boundary between house chores and your work. So definitely recommend, um, creating one space where you know it’s like you are at work. Number three would be communication. That is one of the most important. The thing that I would suggest while you’re working from home, you not only need to have a good discipline as to how you follow your routine and follow your day and do your chores at work but at the same time, you gotta be on top of the communication game. You need to communicate properly with your supervisor, your manager, and even your coworkers. You cannot be lazy, but returning a call or taking a call you should be prompt. You need to be in communication. What’s changing day to day hour to hour that way you can productively incorporate what needs to be incorporated for the day in order for you to get to the goal you need to get so those are gonna be my three tips for the day and I hope. Hope you can make use of some of these and last but not the least. Stay indoors. Stay safe.