This post is part one of a four-part series that OSTechnical is publishing for recruiters.

At OSTechnical, we have a fantastic team of technical recruiters who are consistently striving to find candidates who are the perfect fit for our clients. But aside from the obvious, they’re also striving continually to improve their job postings, their education, industry knowledge, and more.

I took some time to sit down with our team, and discuss what some of their best practices are, how they go about creating these best practices, and what they did to implement them in their daily work.

Part 1: Better content in job postings.

A common thread that came from our conversation was the idea that job postings have to be better than just a description. Often what recruiters (both internal and external) will do is simply copy and paste a business’ job description to their site, and use that to send out to candidates.

I discovered from this conversation that these practices could lead to problems like inconsistent language and tone, incorrect job descriptions and details, and errors that cost them candidates.

Here are some of the key takeaways that my conversation with the team here at OST:

1. Establish a template to create a consistent message

By doing this, you’re making sure that the job description sounds like something your company would write. You’re able to maintain clarity throughout the entire job posting.

2. Confirm all of your organization’s information (address, phone, email) is correct

What’s the point of doing any of this work if you don’t have the right information for your business, right?

3. Design a layout for the job description that is aesthetically pleasing

The central message from the team on this item was simply “keep it brief, and make sure your job description says what the job is!” But another point that struck me here was clearly separating the areas of the posting (requirements, skills, nice to have’s, etc.) so that your candidates can quickly skim and review the job posting to see if they want to know more.

It is easy to look at these three points and feel like they’re obvious, but too often we take the easy copy and paste route when it comes to job postings. But going the extra mile, and taking the time to use these to their full advantage can only benefit you when it comes time to find new candidates!

To continue the series, part 2 is right here!

What are some of the best practices that you have put together as a recruiter? Comment below to let us know.