Audio transcription may not be 100% accurate:

Hi, it’s Angelo with os technical, and I’d like to tell you about a project that we started about a week and a half ago. Six years ago, we decided to work with an applicant tracking system and crm tool based on the Salesforce platform. When we implemented it. And up into this point, it’s been running on salesforce classic, and we have found salesforce classic, easy to use and easy to navigate.

Salesforce is not requiring their users to upgrade to the lightning experience. We’ve decided to do so for the following three reasons. The first being page layout.

The new version, lightning, allows for a three-column, a two-column or a one-column view, whereas in classic, we were stuck with just the one. The second reason we’d like to make this move is due to the ease of creating reports and dashboards.

The third reason is for the auto dialer integration, we’re currently using ring central and in classic, we found it to be a bit, uh, hard to use and not as flexible as it is in lighting where the app runs much more dynamically.

So if please, if you have any questions for me, please send me a direct message or a comment and I thank you for your time